Is your goal to attract and select the best graduates? Fusion’s best practice methodology will reduce costs and improve outcomes.

This is what is in it for you

  • 1/ Direct access to graduate-specific IP and expertise developed over 20+ years.
  • 2/ Advice on an attraction campaign that will establish your brand as an employer of choice.
  • 3/ Reduce your recruitment costs.
  • 4/ Save your precious time – let the experts handle the process/admin stuff.
  • 5/ A best practice, competitive assessment process.
  • 6/ A full suite of metrics for reporting to your stakeholders.

Why choose Fusion?

  • We are the only specialist graduate consultancy in Australia, working exclusively in the graduate space.
  • We combine the resources and scalability of a large service provider, with the dedicated service of a small boutique company.
  • We are regularly acknowledged AAGE Supplier of the Year.
  • Our expert team is available at a competitive price.
  • We are experienced in recruiting high calibre graduates across a broad range of industries.
  • We can make your life easier and exceed your expectations.
  • We are motivated by getting it done quickly, getting it done right and getting the best possible outcomes for you and your candidates.

Ultimately we will save you time + money + frustration

Fusion’s Best Practice Methodology


Online Application Form

Fusion has expertise in the design and build of a customised application process in any applicant tracking system.

Online Psychometric Testing

Fusion has partnerships with a range of testing providers and access to a variety of psychometric tools and products for screening.

Video Screening

Using specially designed software Fusion assesses and rates candidates based on their recorded responses to a series of online questions.

Assessment Centre

Fusion designs and delivers innovative, customised group assessments which are tailored specifically to your brand and industry.

Behaviour & Job Fit

Fusion has access to a range of assessments that complement the interview process and help determine the right fit for your organisation.


Fusion can create customised interview guides for your interviewers.


Secure your graduate!