Meet our new employees

Fusion has expanded over the summer and has hired new employees who all have provided a diverse range of skills as well as ideas to our current processes. They’re making a significant impact already, in and out of the office! Meet Luke, Robbie and Aiesha.

Luke Nikolovski began working at Fusion Graduate Consultancy within February of 2017. While working part time, he attends University at Deakin within Burwood. He loves all sports but more specifically AFL, Basketball and Tennis are his favourites. He is a passionate Collingwood member, going to all games in Melbourne every year. He hopes to continually develop his knowledge in recruitment and development while he works with the Fusion team. He states that “Fusion is continuing to help me, at an early age, grow into the best version of myself as I continue to strive for long term and short term goals”. Luke believes he will be able to apply his understanding of Graduate Recruitment from University to Fusion’s processes, and give a younger graduate perspective to help improve Fusion’s processes. He has hopes of being able to be an assessment centre facilitator and designer soon, as he attempts to continually broaden his knowledge in these areas. At only 20 years old, Luke has a strong commitment to customer service and strives to offer the very best of service, individualised for each client, as he has had experience in the customer service sector.

Luke Nikolovski –Graduate Programs Coordinator

Luke Nikolovski –Graduate Programs Coordinator

With extensive HR and Organisational Development experience, Robbie Verrall has developed a real passion for enabling graduates to be the best version of themselves through self-authenticity and self-worth. This has allowed him to forge a successful career managing large scale global graduate, middle management and emerging leader portfolios. As an accredited LSI coach, Robbie has had an extensive career in coaching, leadership development and talent acquisition. Robbie has been the recipient of the AAGE Will Spensley Memorial Award for Innovation in the Graduate Industry and a finalist for Best Graduate Development Program at the Australian HR awards and a finalist of the AHRI Rob Goffee award for Leadership Development. With post graduate studies in HR, Robbie is now in the process of completing his MBA. Robbie loves to spend time with his Bernese mountain dog as well as play tennis and cook in his own time. Furthermore, he is a travel guru, having lived in Canada as well as Dubai and venturing to places such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, Europe and America. Robbie is a terrific addition to the Fusion team with his vast range of expertise and experience.

Robbie Verrall – Accounts Manager

Robbie Verrall – Accounts Manager

Aiesha aspires to combine her current studies in psychology and HR to gain an understanding of what motivates graduates, and how our clients can attract and recruit top calibre candidates. Since joining Fusion, Aiesha has developed her skills and knowledge of the methodology utilised by Fusion in delivering a best practice recruitment process. Aiesha’s personal graduate experience provides more valuable insight which is combined with her thorough and methodical approach. Aiesha loves to cook in her own time and she is also a lover of summer and the beach. Furthermore, she is a keen follower of the Carlton Football Club and the AFL, which has been showing through her fantastic tipping thus far in our Fusion competition in 2017. Aiesha is a team player as she embodies all of Fusions values. She is quickly becoming an established and valuable resource for us at Fusion.

Aiesha Storti - Graduate Programs Coordinator

Aiesha Storti – Graduate Programs Coordinator

We hope you get to meet our new team members at upcoming Assessment Centres, Development sessions and events throughout the year!

 New employees Aiesha Storti - Graduate Programs Coordinator and Robbie Verrall – Accounts Manager with Australia Post’s Graduate Manager/Talent Consultant Kate Holper and Graduate - Enterprise Performance and Talent manager – Emma Quirk at an Assessment Centre.

New employees Aiesha Storti – Graduate Programs Coordinator and Robbie Verrall – Accounts Manager with Australia Post’s Graduate Manager/Talent Consultant Kate Holper and Graduate – Enterprise Performance and Talent manager – Emma Quirk at an Assessment Centre.

Fusion Development – our delivery update

It has been a busy but extremely exciting few months on the development front at Fusion with inductions happening across the country. Fusion have had the opportunity to work with small intimate graduate cohorts ranging in size from eight-to-30 up to larger cohorts of 130 graduates. Each group, no matter the size, provides challenges and opportunities to prepare graduates for their transition to business life.

Intimate group for the Westpac Graduate induction

Intimate group for the Westpac Graduate induction

The majority of clients Fusion has worked with have taken their graduate programs to the next level in 2017 and have incorporated senior leaders speaking on aligned key themes with a link to the learnings outcomes, networking events and site tours where appropriate. These great initiatives, teamed with both a face-to-face development element and online support through GradPassport has seen these clients lead the way.

Graduate inductions have been all about graduates ‘Getting Established’ on their journey and setting them up for ultimate success, and that is the reason behind the modules that we have been delivering in the first quarter of the year.

In tailoring these programs for specific clients there has been a number of common themes that we have been asked to focus on, which has resulted in some fantastic results.
Transitioning to Business Life has been an area of major concentration for many graduate managers. We all know graduates are ‘green’ when they first walk through corporate doors, the ability for them to then understand the differences between student life and working life is key and a personal transition plan ensures a smooth transition to corporate life.
Personal Brand and Networking with Confidence have also been extremely popular with graduate managers and it is obvious why. The Grad survey listed these as the top important soft skills they would like to develop but these are integral stepping stones to success in the workplace.

Understanding the elements of their personal brand and how to strategically construct and manage those to understand how their values and motivations impact on their personal brand all play a part – whether that be their face-to-face personal brand or their online presence.

Jum Lamont – Development Programs Manager, presenting the Australia post induction

Jum Lamont – Development Programs Manager, presenting the Australia post induction

Scary, nerve-wracking and terrifying, are just some of the words graduates use when it comes to networking. Therefore, it has been important to help identify and use networking opportunities for graduates and provide a structure and process around networking.

Popular international speaker Simon Sinek’s concept, everything ‘starts with why’, has been a fantastic tool to introduce to graduates when trying to break down the importance of Stakeholder

Engagement. A vital skill for graduates to have is the ability to understand, gain, engage and retain stakeholders and that has been done through helping them to build on relationship management and communication, and understanding needs versus wants.

Earlier this year, Sinek’s view on millennials took the internet by storm and has played a vital role in Graduate Manager Training too. Ensuring managers, sponsors and mentors are all on the page when it comes to working with and supporting their graduate cohort has led to a much smoother transition for the graduates.

Induction programs have not been limited to these modules, in fact, we have tackled many different issues with many different clients but this is a snap shot into the importance of graduates getting established on their journey.

Linda Tucknott - Graduate Manager of Mars at a Development induction

Linda Tucknott – Graduate Manager of Mars at a Development induction

Fusion Recruitment – what’s been happening?

Campaign time has already seen plenty of activity at Fusion with a good chunk of Assessment Centres completed and offers to candidates already on the table! And the next couple months are shaping up to just as busy. 

With a mix of new and old clients, private and government, large and small, across a diverse range of industries, the team at Fusion has been kept on their toes with the successful recruitment of almost 200 graduates already. (A positive statistic to inspire graduates in their search for a position!).

It has been our absolute pleasure to partner with fabulous employers to design and run their selection processes and while most have a local flavour, we’re excited to be delving into more global recruitment as well. 

There are so many exciting, diverse opportunities out there for Graduates. Some of our clients recruit under very specific degree criteria tailored to specific organisational streams while others are recruiting from a very broad range of disciplines to join a program that will see them rotated throughout the organisation.  The options for graduates out there is endless!

Assessment Centre presentation set-up

Assessment Centre presentation set-up – waiting for candidates to arrive

At Fusion we believe in leveraging our Graduate Managers expertise on their company and industry to customise the recruitment process, securing highly-suitable candidates for their respective organisation. We build a partnership where we can harness knowledge and expertise from several sources to combine with our own Graduate Recruitment expertise and the results is to be innovatively delivering best practice.

We have seen Assessment Centres be especially successful and engaging when we can incorporate key company stakeholders into the day, through presentations, Q&A sessions and the activities themselves. How great would it be for a Graduate coming to an Assessment Centre to see an executive of the business taking the time to welcome them and spend time with them?!

Take some time to think about how your Assessment Centre is delivered. And remember, it’s not just about the assessment data you are getting (although that is critical) it’s also about the experience, the branding and the lasting impact you make on candidates.

Australia Post Assessment Centre

Australia Post Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre group interaction

Assessment Centre group interaction

AAGE Conference 2016 Summary


AAGE has once again proved to be the go-to event for Graduate Employers wanting to source the latest information, programs, and expertise in order to enhance their graduate programs. The latest recruitment initiatives were on display at the conference, along with new approaches for development programs to improve the developmental journey of graduates.

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Breakfast Seminar – Success & Development Profiling and the customisation of Development Programs


During our recent Australia-wide Masterclass series, Fusion became aware of a considerable demand from Graduate Managers for information around both Success & Development Profiling and the customisation of Development Programs. In response to this, earlier this month the Fusion Development team delivered a breakfast seminar to 20 of the leading graduate managers in Melbourne, in which we launched the latest Profiling and Development research analysis, showcasing the Top 5 Graduate Profiling findings.

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AAGE & Seek Awards


Congratulations to the 2016 AAGE Award Nominees!

Fusion Graduate Consultancy would like to congratulate our Clients and Partners who have been nominated in the various categories of the AAGE Awards, and wish them all the best!

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Masterclass Summary

150 of Australia’s leading Graduate Managers from a diverse range of small, medium and large private and government organisations attended our Graduate Recruitment and Development Masterclass series held around Australia during September.

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A SNEAK PEEK: Trends in Behavioural Preferences of Australian Graduates

At our recent breakfast seminar in Melbourne, we released the results of our latest graduate profiling analysis: examining behavioural preferences of Australian graduates over the past two years. As the majority of the recruitment programs we deliver include behavioural assessments, we are in a fortunate position to have access to over 800 graduates’ individual behavioural results over the past 2 years, across a range of different industries. Read More   >

Top 5 Industry Trends


Based on thought provoking discussions with some of Australia’s leading Graduate Managers at our recent Australia-wide Masterclass Series we thought it timely to expose the Top 5 Graduate Recruitment & Development trends evolving in our Industry.

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