How can you develop leadership within your Graduates?

As we look forward to the changing workforce within 2018, a new generation begins to occupy a large percentage of our everyday working lives, it is a great time to think strategically and prepare our graduates for leadership roles within the future. Millennials and iGen are taking over the workplace, as iGen are born 1996 to present and Millennials are born 1977 to 1995. Read More   >

The Changing Landscape of the Graduate Industry in Australia

At Fusion, we like to push the boundaries of innovation and we’re committed to expanding our knowledge and exploring global trends that are relevant (or thought-provoking) here in Australia. Over the years we have consistently witnessed the latest trends in the US, UK and Canadian markets and most recently our Director, David Cvetkovski, returned from being a guest at the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) conference in Brighton, UK. Read More   >


Who are iGen?

iGen (sometimes also referred to as Generation Z), are those who are born from 1996 onwards and are the generation immediately following the often talked about Millennials.
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Meet our new employees

Fusion has expanded over the summer and has hired new employees who all have provided a diverse range of skills as well as ideas to our current processes. They’re making a significant impact already, in and out of the office! Meet Luke, Robbie and Aiesha. Read More   >

Fusion Development – our delivery update

It has been a busy but extremely exciting few months on the development front at Fusion with inductions happening across the country. Fusion have had the opportunity to work with small intimate graduate cohorts ranging in size from eight-to-30 up to larger cohorts of 130 graduates. Each group, no matter the size, provides challenges and opportunities to prepare graduates for their transition to business life. Read More   >

Fusion Recruitment – what’s been happening?

Campaign time has already seen plenty of activity at Fusion with a good chunk of Assessment Centres completed and offers to candidates already on the table! And the next couple months are shaping up to just as busy.  Read More   >

AAGE Conference 2016 Summary


AAGE has once again proved to be the go-to event for Graduate Employers wanting to source the latest information, programs, and expertise in order to enhance their graduate programs. The latest recruitment initiatives were on display at the conference, along with new approaches for development programs to improve the developmental journey of graduates.

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Breakfast Seminar – Success & Development Profiling and the customisation of Development Programs


During our recent Australia-wide Masterclass series, Fusion became aware of a considerable demand from Graduate Managers for information around both Success & Development Profiling and the customisation of Development Programs. In response to this, earlier this month the Fusion Development team delivered a breakfast seminar to 20 of the leading graduate managers in Melbourne, in which we launched the latest Profiling and Development research analysis, showcasing the Top 5 Graduate Profiling findings.

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AAGE & Seek Awards


Congratulations to the 2016 AAGE Award Nominees!

Fusion Graduate Consultancy would like to congratulate our Clients and Partners who have been nominated in the various categories of the AAGE Awards, and wish them all the best!

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